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Kleer Structural Sealant

With tenacious adhesion and great elastomeric properties, Kleer Structural Sealant serves many purposes, especially filing expansion gaps and nail holes. The non-slump formula can be applied vertically and overhead, and won't run if rained upon. It skins over in 30 minutes to reduce dirt pickup, and can be painted in 1-2 hours, with any acrylic house paint. Provides a full work time of roughly one week.

Packaging: 10.1 oz (300 ml) tube.


  • Use rubbing alcohol to remove dust, dirt, frost and other contamination from PVC trim. Do not clean with petroleum solvents such as mineral spirits.
  • Use a quality caulking gun to ensure ease of application. Cut tip at a 45-degree angle to approximately the size of the joint opening and puncture the foil inner seal.
  • Gun a continuous bead into the seam or expansion gap, or completely fill nail holes. Finish promptly with a damp metal tool.
  • Kleer Cellular PVC Structural Sealant skins over in 30 minutes, but may remain tacky for several days. 100% acrylic paint may be applied in 1-2 hours, even if the sealant is still tacky.
  • Apply above 30 F. Clean tools and hands with rubbing alcohol.

Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Uncured sealant irritates eyes. In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush with water and call a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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